Hogan’s First Trip to the Dog Beach

Many of you have seen photos of Hogan on facebook or received a dog announcement (yes, I am a crazy doggie mom and sent out dog announcements!), but I thought it was about time I put together a blog post- I was just waiting for a special event!  Hogan became part of our family on December 15 when he was just 10 weeks old, and we have had the best time with him around our house.  We wanted to wait until he got his last puppy shot before we took him to the beach and exposed him to different dogs.  Since this was his first time touching sand and water, I had to bring my camera along! He LOVED the sand but wasn’t such a fan of the ocean (to his credit, it was very cold, and he is used to warm baths).  I’m convinced he’ll be a water lover as it gets closer to summer! Enjoy a few photos of Hogan’s first trip to the dog beach.  -Allison

Hogan made some new friends…

First time touching the water… thanks to his new lady friend (yellow lab puppy)…

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